Magpie digital business transformation

Digital business transformation via app engagement

Magpie takes businesses like yours on a digital journey to make you an important app on a customer’s phone.

We bring all your services together in one place

Magpie’s unique technology combines everything you give to your customers in a single user interface.

We build for flexibility and speed

Magpie’s modular architecture allows unique apps to evolve in hours, rather than months – providing you with a powerful and cost-effective route to digital business transformation.

Magpie app engagement specialists

At a Glance

A-D Digital

Making companies digital-first

All businesses are on a spectrum of digital business transformation. Magpie aims to encourage users to adopt your digital channels by putting them into a desirable app.


Bringing everything together

Multiple applications are confusing to customers and decrease engagement. We make life easier for customers by pulling everything into a single app.


Bringing value to services

Value Added Services are designed to add value – but they don’t if there are barriers to using them. Our platform encourages customers to use your services every day.


Improving service renewals

By creating a great customer experience, your app becomes an indispensable part of the customer’s life, yielding long-term app engagement.


Promoting a relationship

The aggregation of data from our digital services will help you to understand how what you do is relevant to your customers’ daily lives.


The right place at the right time

Powered by improved insights from your relationship with your customers, your marketing messages go to those who want to hear it.

Digital business transformation

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