App aggregation

App Aggregation Platform

Whether you have analogue operations that you’d like digitising, or you’re further in your digital transformation journey but now have too many siloed apps all doing different things, our App Aggregation Platform will create a a single view of your customer and, just as importantly, your customer a single view of you.

Our White Label App Marketplace

The Magpie App Store is a white label app marketplace for out-of-the-box digital services designed or sourced by our in-house team to turn throwaway apps into everyday apps. Choose your own selection to form a bundle that includes both engaging services to your customers above the glass and clever business services below the glass.

White label app marketplace
App aggregation platform

Insight as a Service

Our Insight as a Service product turns the data generated by the digital services in your Life Manager app into personalised and relevant customer experience.

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Our Platform

Powering your digitisation

Core Business Processes

We don’t expect you to change the way you do things. The Magpie platform takes the core business processes you want to keep and embeds them within the Life Manager app.

Personalised Customer Services

We use functionality that gives you agile control over your customer offering, from designating the services each customer can access to setting situation-specific hotline numbers.

Ready When You Are

We can get your new app deployed in as little as 24 hours, with your own branding and customisations included.

Global Availability

Life Manager is hosted from multiple locations around the world. We’re available wherever you and your customers need us.


Your place or ours?

Embedded in your App

Life Manager also comes as an SDK, meaning you can embed our functionality within your own app. Your developers can access all of our functionalities, allowing for customisation as per your requirements.

Standalone App

Download of the Life Manager app is by invitation only. The customer is sent a unique URL, which downloads a copy of your app that’s pre-populated with data you want us to fill out on their behalf.