Digital doesn’t work if customer don’t have your app on their phone when they need it – but it’s a challenge to make insurance engaging. Magpie combines an insurer’s own digital technology with everyday engagement services that will keep insurance apps on the desktop.

Insurers benefit from the efficiency and customer service benefits of InsureTech and the ability to renew, cross-sell and upsell from the app.

Travel is all about the trip – yet many travel operators struggle to engage their customers after they have booked. Magpie’s industry-leading portfolio of services from leading travel app developers delivers a differentiated travel experience and offers travel companies a communications channel and customer insight to secure repeat business.

If your business is travel, travel insurance or foreign exchange then Magpie has a powerful proposition for your customers.

Established banks face significant risks from digital-only start-ups who are unencumbered with branch networks and legacy systems. Magpie offers an easy to integrate set of services, built by talented banking app developers, which support rapid digital innovation, engineered on a platform that can support your digital journey over the long term.

Or maybe you’re a challenger digital bank looking to break into a new market and seeking differentiation and the ability to create novel and compelling propositions for new market segments ? Magpie’s modular approach and our catalogue of over thirty compelling services offer unparalleled flexibility.

Lending is a commodity, right? Wrong! Magpie offers finance customers novel ways to engage with their customers resulting in a differentiated offering, more repeat business and customer insight that can assist with risk profiling.

Magpie allows retailers to turn transactions into relationships. Use Magpie to support and promote repeat business, consumer finance, warranties, catalogues, offers and promotions, instructions, upgrades and much more.

Magpie’s ability to combine its catalogue of over thirty services with best of breed third party services and your own digital content makes us ideal partners for a wide range of situations, ranging from services to goods to government.

“By focusing on relieving major customer pain-points, savvy InsurTech start-ups can fill a gap.”
Ben Ritt, Route 66
“By 2020, Life Management Services will be bigger than traditional social networks.”
Kuppinger Cole
“In today’s digital age, data is abundant. Businesses must align their strategies to deliver relevant and loyalty-enabling experiences to their customers.”
Glen Hartman, Accenture